A total of 5,301 students showed up in Granada to the Baccalaureate Evaluation tests for University Access (Pevau) and the Admission Tests, in their ordinary call, which were held on June 14, 15 and 16 in the 23 venues arranged in 22 faculties and institutes of the province of Granada. Of this total, 96% of Granadans who took the Pevau have passed. This is a rate that picks up compared to last year, when 94.14% of those who applied for Selectivity carried out. The University of Granada It also manages the tests in Ceuta, Melilla and Spanish institutes in Morocco

The total number of students enrolled, in all the UGR campuses (data that includes students from outside the province) it has been 6,411, of which 5,269 have taken the Baccalaureate Evaluation Test for University Access (3,009 women and 2,260 men), the University specifies in a statement. A total of 7,066 students from Baccalaureate and Higher Level Training Cycles have taken the Admission Tests. The percentage of students who have passed the Assessment Test for University Access is 95.73%

The average mark obtained by the students in the exercises contained in the Access Test it has been 7,062 points out of 10; being 7.044 the mean among men and 7.076 the mean among women. However, the average entrance mark is 7,897 points out of 10, 7,800 corresponding to men and 7,969 to women, and taking into account that, for the calculation of the Pevau mark, 60% of the Baccalaureate mark and 40% of the note of the exercises carried out these days. The best grade in this call has been a 10 out of 10 points as an access mark.

The notes can be consulted from 8 am today, June 23, through http://www.ugr.es. Male and female students can access them, individually, through identified access, and Secondary schools through restricted access can consult the grades obtained by their respective students. Today also begins the Pre-registration process for Admission to public universities in Andalusia.

Students who have passed this entrance test and those from the Higher Level Training Cycles will be able to make a single request for a place simultaneously for all the Degrees of the 9 public Universities of Andalusia.