This Wednesday, with AFP, Christophe Lemaitre announced to separate from his coach, but also to end his season.

The galleys continue for Christophe Lemaitre. This Wednesday, with theAFP, the French sprinter, now 32, made some important announcements. The athlete has decided to end his 2022 season already: “I am having a white season. My physical condition does not allow me to play in competitions, the injuries are repeated, I am not in good condition. I prefer to “get back on my feet” this summer to tackle the preparation for next year in better conditions. During this spring, Lemaitre was in great difficulty. An already very complicated period and which followed an equally complicated winter, indoors. Consequently, the sprinter was not even qualified for the French athletics championships, which will take place from Friday to Sunday, near Caen. Since June 11, Christophe Lemaitre, decidedly not really spared from injuries in recent years, has also suffered from a strained right adductor, contracted in Geneva.

Lemaitre wants to continue until 2024

Despite all this, the “Culoz TGV” has every intention of continuing its career, at least until the 2024 Summer Games in Paris. It is certainly with this in mind that he also decided to separate from his long-time coach, near Aix-les-Bains, namely Thierry Tribondeau. “That injury was the trigger. I am in a spiral of bad seasons. Despite Thierry’s efforts, we did not manage to get out of it. His vision of things may no longer correspond to my needs and my current problems, ”also confided Lemaitre. Several avenues are visibly available to the French regarding his future training location, for next season, for those who could well and truly find themselves outside their Savoy, for the very first time since the start of their career. These last few years have therefore been very complicated for Christophe Lemaitre, who has not really been talked about, at the international level, since his bronze medal won at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.