Practiced using tiny needles, acupuncture stimulates specific points on the human body. Pain, fertility, migraines, digestive disorders… What are the benefits of this approach?

Acupuncture allows “to improve health or relieve pain”, define the specialists of the Association of Quebec Acupuncturists. The indications are multiple: to calm sleep disorders, to help with weaning in the context of cancer.

Acupuncture also helps to reduce recovery time after exercise in athletes, to soothe episodes of migraine, post-operative pain, chronic lumbar pain. Or to regulate intestinal transit in the event of digestive disorders, to reduce discomfort in patients suffering from allergies, blood circulation disorders, arterial hypertension or even respiratory and dermatological diseases.

How it works ?

During an acupuncture session, fine needles are placed on the skin, mucous membranes and subcutaneous tissue. But not just anywhere! They are implanted on specific meridians, these energy circuits that connect our organs to each other.

First step to define these locations: establish a so-called “energy” health check which consists, for the specialist, in taking your Chinese pulses (12 in number) and distributed on your two wrists. These latter “allow to give indications on the zone of the body in imbalance, and on the level of energy, the blood and the organic liquids”we learn on the site

The acupuncturist also observes the appearance of your tongue. A part of your body which, in Chinese medicine, reflects your cardiovascular balance. He may also look at your eyes, which speak for your liver.

Finally, before placing his needles, the acupuncturist asks you about your general condition (sleep, diet, moods, etc.). Other elements collected during this review: “localization of pain and definition of symptoms, palpation of the areas and meridians involved”summarize the specialists of the Association of Quebec acupuncturists.

A matter of energy

Acupuncture does not work by accident. It is based precisely on traditional Chinese medicine, and will work on the stimulation of 4 energies according to needs: the defense energy necessary to help the body fight external aggressions, the nourishing energy which feeds all the organs, the ancestral energy transmitted from conception by our parents and the psychic or mental energy.

To note : acupuncture sessions are reimbursed by health insurance up to 70% per consultation.