Growers complain: there is not enough demand for local asparagus


A stall selling asparagus at a market. Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa/Symbolbild

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The asparagus season is coming to an end. Difficult time for growers with moderate sales. Supermarkets, among others, are responsible for this.

asparagus from Thuringia, there was not enough demand from the growers’ point of view this season. “People kept their money together,” said Jan-Niclas Imholze, Managing Director of Spargel- und Beerenfruit Kutzleben GmbH, at the traditional end of the season on St. John’s Day (June 24). As a result, sales this year were worse than last year.

The high inflation rates would have contributed to the fact that customers would have considered what they spend their money on. After two years corona some people preferred to put their money aside for a vacation. The grip on asparagus was often missing.

The trade also caused problems for the growers. “Cheap imports” from southern Europe or North Africa were given preference in the supermarkets, according to the Association of East German Asparagus and Soft Fruit Growers. As a result, sales of domestic products in retail have more or less collapsed. “As a producer, you feel let down by the trade,” said Imholze.

In direct marketing, too, sales fell by 10 to 15 percent compared to the previous year, said Arvid Schmidt-Heck from Agrargesellschaft Herbsleben. With high inflation, many consumers would have held back on the “luxury vegetable” asparagus. It didn’t help that the asparagus prices in the main sales period in May were below those of the previous year.

Last year was in Thuringia According to the State Office for Statistics, asparagus was harvested on around 267 hectares. The farms had harvested an average of 6.67 tons of the stick vegetables per hectare, which corresponded to a total of around 1781 tons.