Potsdam – The Brandenburg state parliament has a narrow majority Amendments to the state constitution decided. Among other things, this will reorganize the composition of the state parliament presidency. From the point of view of the AfD parliamentary group, the change is directed against the AfD MP Andreas Galau, whose office is controversial among other parliamentary groups. According to the previous regulation, the AfD parliamentary group, as the second strongest force in the Brandenburg state parliament, had the right to propose a deputy post.

59 deputies voted to amend the constitution, just the minimum number of yes votes for the necessary two-thirds majority. Supporters were the red-black-green coalition factions and the left. The AfD faction voted against it, the BVB/free voters faction and the CDU MP Ingo Senftleben abstained.

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In the future, the parliamentary groups will no longer have the right to propose the election of the Presidium in order of their strength. Instead, it is only stipulated that one of the two deputy posts should go to an opposition faction. Left parliamentary group leader Sebastian Walter said: “We stand by it: we want to vote out Vice President Galau.”

With further amendments, the fight against anti-Semitism and antiziganism as well as the promotion of Jewish culture are enshrined in the constitution and friendship with Poland is emphasized. In addition, the language is made more gender-equitable. (dpa)