To close this first half of 2022, the Assize Court of Aude will meet from June 27 to July 11 at the courthouse of the Aude prefecture. For two weeks, three criminal cases will be examined by the Aude popular jury, including one appealing from the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Two weeks after the end of the previous session, the Assize Court of Aude will meet one last time before the summer holidays, from June 27 to July 11. For two weeks, during which the jurors will see witnesses and experts pass by, the court will have to examine three criminal cases, with two cases at first instance within the jurisdiction of Carcassonne, and one coming on appeal from the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Stabbed in Carcassonne amid traffic from Spain

From Monday June 27th to Friday July 1st, it is the assize court for minors which will open the session. On the dock, there will be four men to appear for a case that made headlines in Carcassonne in the fall of 2014. The only minor at the time of the events, Kenzo Cargoles, a 26-year-old from Carcassonne, is prosecuted for “assassination” and “organized drug trafficking”. At his side, we find David Trulla Zambudio, a 51-year-old Spaniard, having to respond to the same charges. Anthony Sengla, a 33-year-old Carcassonnais, is for his part prosecuted for “organized drug trafficking” between Spain and Carcassonne, with by his side Angelo Navarro, a 28-year-old from Carcassonne, who must respond to “complicity in the possession of narcotics“.

For this file, it is necessary to refer to September 21, 2014, at 11:30 a.m. between Carcassonne and Berriac, with the discovery by a hunter of a human skull, as well as a large quantity of bones on land adjoining the old domain of Moreau, which has now become the zone of Rocadest. If it could be established that the death of the victim dated back to the year 2013, an investigation was then launched to find out his identity. The investigations will go through Spain, and it is the Guardia Civil which will contact the PJ investigators to inform them of the research undertaken to find a Romanian national, whose family had not heard from for several months. It will then turn out that it is indeed Virgil Ovidiu Bota who is the victim of the wasteland. It will also appear that this man had organized in the course of 2013 the transport of 30 kg of cannabis resin.

A resident of Almeria, then heard as a witness, had thus designated four French people (one of them will be exonerated) who had been arrested in Carcassonne and Béziers. Following the various hearings, the investigators will then get their hands on a Spanish national in May 2018. In the end, it appears that the victim had come to Carcasonne during the month of October 2013 to deliver the 30 kg of cannabis resin, before being stabbed and murdered. In this case, the four defendants will appear free, after being placed under judicial control at the end of a period of pre-trial detention.

A grandpa accused of the rape of his granddaughter in the Black Mountains

From Monday July 4 to Wednesday July 6, the jurors will examine a file of sexual abuse on a minor. In the box of the accused, Daniel S., now 70 years old, will have to answer for “incestuous rape of a 15-year-old minor” and D’“incestuous sexual assault on a 15-year-old minor”. In this sordid case, the victim is none other than the accused’s granddaughter. The facts for which he is being prosecuted are based on a wide prevention. From 2006 to 2017, when the girl was under the age of 15, then from 2017 to 2019. For these facts recognized in part, the accused has been in pre-trial detention since December 3, 2019. During three days of hearings, the septuagenarian will be defended by Me Charlotte Deloffre from the Carcassonne Bar. The victim will be assisted by Mr.e Nicholas Domenech.

Defenestration or suicide in a building in Perpignan?

From Thursday 7 to 11 July, it’s a matter of “murder” which should have been judged on appeal before the Assize Court of Aude, from May 20 to 23, 2019. In the box of the accused, Didier Salle, aged 71, will thus be tried again for having defenestrated his companion from the seventh floor of a building in Perpignan. The facts, which the accused has always denied, claiming the suicide of his companion, took place on Monday 1er December 2014, in the apartment occupied by the couple in a building on Avenue Joffre.

On May 17, 2018, after four hours of deliberation, the Assize Court of Pyrénées-Orientales found the accused guilty of having defenestrated his companion, and sentenced him to 15 years’ imprisonment, accompanied by a 10-year socio-judicial follow-up with a treatment order. Shortly before this verdict, the Advocate General Fabien Tourette had requested 20 years of imprisonment, taking into account the alteration of the discernment of the accused at the time of the facts. He faced 30 years.