On the third day of the trial before the Laon Assize Court for the murder and rape of Isabelle Mesnage in 1986 in the Somme, this Wednesday, June 21, Jacques Rançon’s lawyers instilled doubt to open the trail of a another culprit.

Hand pressed against his cheek, or rubbing his chin, Jacques Rançon watches the court without moving a millimeter. How could one of these jurors believe a guy like him? Who would not think that he began to sow death in 1986 in the Somme by taking the life of Isabelle Mesnage? The killer of the Perpignan station innocent, no one would dare to risk it. He may well continue to rehash: “They think it’s me but it’s not me. For Moktharian, I cut out neatly. And then at 26, I was not a criminal”. He was well and truly prowling around at the time, setting up and taking down the Saturday night traveling ball. Some experts have noted similarities with the mutilations inflicted on Mokhtaria Chaïb in 1997 in the P.-O. Her “signature”, according to the civil parties. And he confessed this crime, even if he recanted.

However, on the third day of the trial, the wind seems to have turned on the court of Laon. Blown in gusts by the lawyers of the accused Mare Xavier Capelet and Gérald Brivet-Galaup, goading the investigators to shoot an investigation “sloppy” conducted”solely against Jacques Rançon”, besides his misses. Polluted crime scene, missing seals, bloody stick “forgot“…the defense has also been relentless in exposing all these suspects, “pedophiles, zoophiles, fetishists” dismissed in a peremptory manner and to cast doubt on these other criminals who were in the area at the time of the events.

“There remains an unknown DNA”

In 1986, Jean-Paul Leconte, a deserter, wandered around the area. He will be sentenced for a series of rapes of an 8-year-old girl and two young girls in 1989 and the murders of two young women in 2002 40 to 50 km from the discovery of Isabelle Mesnage’s body. He was also free, Francis Heaulme, the “backpacker of crime”, convicted of 11 murders. And then there was still Fréderic Blancke, sentenced for having kidnapped and stabbed to death a young Englishwoman in 1989 in the forest of Compiègne.

The anti-suspect, medical student, sporty and pleasant, radio manipulator at the hospital in Amiens. There, where he could have crossed paths with Isabelle Mesnage who, also keen on sports, worked there as a computer scientist. “All these names appear in the file but they were never even heard. Frédéric Blancke was temporarily cleared because he played basketball and Isabelle tennis. Not to mention that on Isabelle Mesnage’s body bag, there were two DNA, one identified as that of a technician of the gendarmerie, after the samples taken from all the speakers, and another which remains unknown. But who is not that of Jacques Rançon! “, hits the defense again. A shadow passes, and a question: And if it was not him?