On the 5th and last day of trial before the Aisne Assize Court for the “murder followed or preceded by rape” of Isabelle Mesnage in 1986, the Advocate General this Friday, June 24, took his requisitions at the against Jacques Rançon, 62 years old.

Advocate General André Meykuchel did not really have a choice after this new trial of Jacques Rançon. Impossible to claim confirmation of the 30 years pronounced at first instance in Amiens in 2021. The sentence was “illegal” because it did not exist at the time of the charges in 1986 and we went directly from life imprisonment to 20 years of confinement.

Therefore, facing the “dilemma”the public prosecutor opted for the highest possible quantum, namely life imprisonment “with an 18-year prison term” for “guarantee the security of society” and in view of the murder “odious” followed or preceded by the rape of Isabelle Mesnage (whose relatives are represented by Mare Corinne Herrmann and Didier Seban).

The defense lawyers from Perpignan, Mes Xavier Capelet and Gérald Brivet-Galaup will now stand up to carry the word of Jacques Rançon one last time, a killer of course but “innocent” in this case, they plead.