Grimme Online Award for documentary about the dangers of nuclear power

The Grimme Online Award is considered the most important award for journalism on the Internet. Although the deadline for submissions ended shortly after the start of the Ukraine war, the conflict played a role in the award ceremony.

The online documentary “Nuclear Games” about the dangers of nuclear power received the Grimme Online Award on Thursday evening. The format (Studios Docmine, SRG/SRF) uses graphic novels, video and texts to tell of the threat to humanity posed by eight decades of nuclear technology. “With the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, questions about the safety of nuclear energy and threat scenarios from the possible use of nuclear weapons are gaining new relevance,” was the verdict of the jury on the winner in the “Knowledge and Education” category.

The undoped award is considered the most important Award for online journalism in Germany. Although the submission deadline for the contributions was March 1st – i.e. shortly after the beginning of the Ukraine war – one could certainly get the impression at the award ceremony in Cologne that the war formed the background for a series of decisions.

One award-winning topic was flight and expulsion: Here the Grimme Online Award went to the multimedia report “Kandvala” about people from Afghanistan and Pakistan who are trying to get to the EU via Bosnia-Herzegovina. Since the Balkan route is blocked, they are holding out in a ruined building they call “Kandvala”. “Like hardly any other contribution, “Kandvala” provides unfiltered and ruthless access to the people who are affected by Europe’s migration policy,” was the verdict of the jury.

The success of podcasts was striking. For example, the audio production “Cui Bono: WTF happened to Ken Jebsen?». It traces the development of radio presenter Ken Jebsen into a conspiracy ideologue, whose YouTube channel was viewed millions of times before it was blocked. Another winner in the information category was the NDR podcast “Slahi – 14 Years Guantánamo”. In it, a long-time prisoner meets his former torturers.

The Tiktok account “safespace.official” from rbb convinced the jury in the knowledge and training. According to the jury, the short videos provide relaxed information about the body of women in the rooms of young girls. A museum received an award in the culture and entertainment category, this time the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart: With a digital light you can explore drawings on “In the dark – a glow” like with a flashlight, which the Jewish artist Fred Uhlman (1901-1985) made after his escape from the Nazis in Germany.

Other award winners are the research network “Correctiv.Lokal” and the number research “Environment in East Germany”. The audience award went to the 3satyoutube-Channel «Scobel» by journalist Gert Scobel. At 62, he is one of the older winners. But the encouragement also came from younger people in particular: His videos are often used to prepare for class tests.