Deprived of an absolute majority in the National Assembly, Emmanuel Macron will speak for the first time since the second round of the legislative elections. An intervention to follow live from 8 p.m.

After two days of political consultations, the head of state is due to speak this Wednesday at 8 p.m., announced the Elysée, a long-awaited first speech after the loss by the presidential camp of the absolute majority in the National Assembly on Sunday during legislative elections that look like a sanction vote.

Together!, the alliance formed around Emmanuel Macron, bringing together Renaissance (formerly La République en Marche), François Bayrou’s MoDem and Edouard Philippe’s Horizons, won only 245 deputies, 44 less than the absolute majority, and will therefore either have to find allies to form a coalition government, or obtain a majority on a “case by case” basis to pass its bills.

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