Several opposition leaders have denounced an intervention in One Way”.

Coming out of his silence three days after losing an absolute majority in the National Assembly after the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron asked the opposition parties to “say how far they are willing to go” to build “new compromises” during a televised address on Wednesday evening.

“It is he who will block France”

This declaration was very coolly received by most of the opponents, who referred the Head of State to his own responsibility to redefine and clearly present his plan for government. “The intervention of the President of the Republic was one-sided”, underlined the socialist Valérie Rabault on France Inter. “If he stays on his project, he does not have an absolute majority and he is the one who will be stuck, he is the one who will block France, it is not us”she added.

“He didn’t make a proposal, he gave an ultimatum”added the deputy of insubordinate France (LFI) Manuel Bompard, who also criticized the head of state for wanting to twist the arm of the opposition parliamentary groups so that they support the program on which he was elected to the Elysée two months ago. “On this basis, it is obvious that for our group, which has led two electoral campaigns in opposition to this project, it is obviously impossible for us to participate in its implementation”he continued on RTL.

Believing that Emmanuel Macron “did not have a majority of support for his project either in the presidential election or in the legislative elections”Manuel Bompard called on the president to modify it and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to present it to the National Assembly and submit to a vote of confidence. “That’s how we do it in a democracy”he insisted.

How far are they willing to go?

On the side of the right, as of Wednesday evening, the new president of the parliamentary group of the Republicans (LR) in the Assembly, Olivier Marleix, had also displayed his refusal to give a “blank check” to Emmanuel Macron, “moreover on an unclear project”.

Invited this Thursday morning on the France Inter antenna, the acting president of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, also returned to Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Wednesday. According to him, “the democratic exercise will change” and the President of the Republic must take a step towards the opposition. “He asks the opposition to come to him when he has been beaten at the ballot box, it is up to him to say which path he is ready to take, on which axes of his project, he is ready to back down. He has been elected, but his program defeated last Sunday“, he assures.

According to Jordan Bardella, the question that Emmanuel Macron must be asking now is “what path to take to unblock the country?”. “How far are they willing to go to give up parts of the project that does not have the approval of the French”he hammers.

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