Perpignan Michaël Diallo, nicknamed the Catalan Bombardeir, was to put his French champion belt back into play on Saturday June 25, 2022 in Montpellier against Marseillais Ben Rejeb. But the promoter was unable to raise the bids.

This is called a hit below the belt. A little over three months after obtaining the title of French super middleweight champion at the expense of Girondin Castegnaro, Michaël Diallo had been preparing, in recent weeks, to put his belt back in play. A date had been fixed: the June 25, 2022. A place too: Montpellier. And the opponent was also known: the official challenger, the Marseillais Salim Ben Rejeb, 34 years old. A promising man had signed up. Except that when presenting the finances, he admitted not having been able to raise the sum. And suddenly, the fight was adjourned and removed from the Montpellier poster. ” I am very disappointedresponded Diallo, because I was not happy with my comeback fight on March 12 even if I had the title. Faced with an opponent for whom it was the fight of his life, I didn’t know if, after 3 years of inactivity, I was going to be able to hold on mentally and physically. We didn’t see the real Diallo that night.”.

He must put his title back into play before October 23, 2022

Failing to get back in the ring before the summer, the Catalan Bombardier knows that he must imperatively put his belt back into play before October 23, as appeared in the official journal of the Federation. And if all goes well, it will be in Perpignan.

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On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Boxing Club Perpignan, the Rovira family will shine the spotlight on local boxers during a meeting already scheduled for Friday October 21, 2022 at the Palais des Expositions. Michaël Diallo will be the star fight of the evening on one condition: that the BCP wins the auction because his opponent, Matéo Hache de Barentin (Seine-Maritime), wants to fight at home. The BCP therefore deposited an envelope with the FFB. It will be open on July 13. Michaël Diallo will then know if he goes back to the ring in Perpignan or if he will have to go to Normandy to face his new 23-year-old challenger, already holder of the middleweight belt and who has 9 wins and 1 loss.