Brad Pitt
On the “last leg” of his career

Brad Pitt questions his future.

Brad Pitt questions his future.

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The end of his career is apparently slowly foreseeable for Brad Pitt, he explains in a new interview. He wonders what else is in store for him.

Brad Pitt (58) will be 59 years old in a few months. Recently he has not been seen in big cinema roles as often as he was a few years ago. He has also been working as a film producer for quite a while. In a new interview, the Hollywood star says that he probably doesn’t have too many years left in his career.

So did Pitt explained in an interview with the men’s magazine “GQ”.that he’s trying to think carefully about what might lie in his future and what path he wants to follow for the rest of his career. He could therefore well imagine appearing in one or the other blockbuster if the timing is right – and especially if he has a personal connection to the project.

The “final semester or trimester”

The actor sees what lies ahead as his “last,” so to speak stage“, or “as the last semester or trimester. What will this section bring? And how do I want to do that?” Part of this process is also to question the meaning of your dreams – and to reflect on past challenges.

In California, for example, there is a lot of talk about “being your authentic self”. He was tormented by the question of what “authentic” meant. For him, it meant getting to a point where he acknowledged “these deep scars that we carry.”