Nonnemacher defends facility-related vaccination requirements

Brandenburg’s Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) has defended the facility-related vaccination requirement in old people’s homes, hospitals and nursing services. “From a medical point of view, I am deeply convinced that a very high vaccination rate is essential in situations where employees have close contact with vulnerable groups of people,” said the minister on Friday in the Potsdam state parliament. “Vaccination reduces the risk of infecting yourself and transmitting it to others.” To minimize entry and spread of the virus, staff should be fully vaccinated.

On Friday, the Potsdam state parliament rejected a motion by the AfD parliamentary group to abolish facility-related compulsory vaccination with the votes of the coalition. Previously had the AfD health politician Daniela Oeynhausen accused the state government of alienating urgently needed healthcare professionals. In Brandenburg, 7,800 health workers were reported as “dangerous people who refuse to vaccinate,” said Oeynhausen, who, like Nonnemacher, is a doctor herself. These are conditions that “remind many citizens of the GDR.”

For the coalition factions, the chairman of the health committee in the state parliament, Björn Lüttmann (SPD), admitted that the Emergence of the omicron variant of the virus one A number of arguments about compulsory vaccination have been dropped be. “A vaccination also reduces the transmissibility of Omikron by 20 percent,” said Lüttmann. “And compulsory vaccination has boosted vaccination rates in the healthcare sector significantly: Today, only seven to nine percent of the employees there are unvaccinated.” In the end, however, the federal government and not the Brandenburg state parliament must decide on compulsory vaccination.

The health politician of the opposition left, Ronnie Kretschmer, pointed out that the AfD had already failed with two identical applications in the Bundestag. “I don’t understand the argument that the right to the integrity of nurses, which is undoubtedly violated by a vaccination, should be rated higher than the health protection for my grandmother or the thousands of other people in need of care in this country,” said Kretschmer. Similar to the parliamentary group leader of the Free Voters, Peter Vida, who spoke after him, Kretschmer also pointed out some criticisms of the implementation of compulsory vaccination. But both Kretschmer and Vida also pointed out in the state parliament that the Federal Constitutional Court had affirmed the proportionality of the vaccination requirement. “We respect that view,” Vida said. (read)