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Two entry bans for unvaccinated nurses

Nursing home

A caregiver walks down the hall with a resident in a nursing home. Photo: Bernd Weißbrod/dpa/Symbolbild

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Hardly any measure to contain the corona pandemic is as controversial as compulsory vaccination. In Germany, it only applies to nursing staff to protect particularly vulnerable groups. It will be implemented in Hamburg.

Two bans on entering nursing staff have been issued in Hamburg for violations of facility-related vaccination requirements. Around 1,400 more cases of those not vaccinated against the corona virus caregivers are currently being examined on a case-by-case basis, “so that numerous decisions will be made in the coming weeks,” said Martin Helfrich, spokesman for the social authority, the German Press Agency. When the facility-related vaccination requirement came into force in mid-March, medical and nursing facilities had to report employees to the health authorities who had not submitted proof of vaccination.

“We have such reports from 964 institutions and affect a total of around 4900 people,” said helfrich. Among them are also around 900 cases of interns, some of whom were only active for a limited time. The numbers correspond to the assumed vaccination rate of over 95 percent. “For classification, it must be said clearly: the vast majority of health care workers are vaccinated.”

The nursing staff reported to the authorities had several weeks to explain themselves in a written hearing process. If the deadline was missed, they may have been reminded, said Helfrich. “This process covered the time that has elapsed since the institution-related compulsory vaccination. The reports and feedback are currently being processed successively.»

Numerous cases have already been resolved based on the documents provided, for example if a valid proof of vaccination was submitted later. “More than 1,600 of the aforementioned cases have been closed in this way.”

If no proof is provided or there is no reaction, the health authorities would decide on possible consequences in individual cases – ultimately also on one entry ban. “For this purpose, we include a statement from the respective institution, with which we take into account, among other things, the aspect of patient care security,” said Helfrich.