In front of the Perpignan court, day after day, the mules pass and… do not look alike. This Dutch gentleman, in his forties jovial and with a courteous bearing, knowingly transported 70 kilos of drugs.

If the profiles of the passers are multiple, their versions are similar to the comma.

I have financial problems, I met a man in a bar who took advantage of my distress by offering to smuggle drugs from Spain to France for a few thousand euros. I loaded the weed at a motorway rest area between Girona and Figueras, I hid it in the pallet rack and I had to deliver it in Germany to an address that would be communicated to me by telephone. I cannot say more for fear of reprisals”. End of the story.

Yet Johan, this 47-year-old Dutch national, seems to have a curious passion for photos of green countryside. In those that he immortalized and which are found in his phone, we can admire superb fields of cannabis.

“I don’t understand how they got there. Maybe the carrier transferred data from another customer when I bought the phone?”

Another coincidence the defendant has already been sentenced in France to 5 years in prison for drug trafficking.

“And it is very rare for a foreigner to be a repeat offender for offenses committed on our territory“, confirms the prosecutor. She requires 3 years firm and 105,000 euros in customs fine.

Me Sow can only speak of the frankness of his client who immediately admitted knowing what he was transporting and proposing a less severe sentence than that required…

But it will be 3 years with continued detention, 5 years of inadmissibility and a €105,000 fine.

The Dutchman’s financial difficulties will hardly improve.

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