The duo was intercepted by the police in possession of a small package containing drugs and cell phones. The investigation identified the inmate who was to receive the package.

This May 16, a police crew passes in front of the Mailloles penitentiary center when it sees a Renault Clio in front of it with two people on board. Obviously, the two men observe them through the mirrors of the car. Since they have not buckled their seatbelts, the officers can carry out a check. Immediately, a smell of cannabis catches their attention. They quickly notice two small packages, carefully wrapped in cellophane. The parcels contain “weed” in heat-sealed sachets, cigarette papers and mobile phones.

The two young people end up admitting that they had to throw the two packets over the perimeter wall of the remand center.

The study of telephony makes it possible to find the prisoner for whom they were intended.

The three suspects are therefore sent back to court.

The package requires 4 months suspended probation against one of the “potential launchers”, whose criminal record is clean, 4 months firm for his sidekick already known to justice, and 4 months firm against the recipient of the projections.

Mare Sow, Traiai and Nassier plead by highlighting the personality of their client, but it is above all Me Nassier, lawyer for the sponsor who protests: “He’s in protective custody and has a clean record, just like my colleague Sow’s client. And you are asking for the same sentence against me as for the defendant who already has 4 convictions? A simple reprieve would be more than enough for these boys!”

The court seems to agree since it pronounces against these two defendants 4 months with simple reprieve and 4 months with probationary reprieve against the man already condemned in the past.

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