Some senators tabled a bill to this effect a few days ago.

Sixteen senators, fourteen Republicans and two centristsco-signed a bill filed on June 16 with the office of the Presidency of the Senate “aiming to repeal the vaccination obligation [contre le covid 19] medical staff and firefighters“.

“Multiple studies show that vaccination has very little impact on the carriage and transmission of the virus”

Very broad in scope, their text thus provides for the abolition of the vaccination obligation for all the health professions mentioned in law n° 2021-1040 of August 5, 2021 relating to the management of the health crisis.

“Whereas multiple studies show that the vaccination has very little impact on the virus carriage and transmissionexplain the parliamentarians in the explanatory memorandum, while the vast majority of countries have abandoned this vaccination obligation, thousands of French caregivers and firefighters have been suspended because they have chosen to exercise, like all other French people, their free choice with regard to this vaccine. Tens of thousands of everyday heroes who are sorely lacking in our already bloodless hospital, as well as in our rescue chain already tested by two years of health crisis.

“Give them, finally, respect and recognition”

“It is therefore absolutely essential to abolish this vaccination obligation for caregivers as quickly as possible, to rehabilitate without wasting a minute these thousands of men and women unworthily treated by the French State and to finally grant them respect and recognition. ” believe the signatories.

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The senators propose in article 1 of the text as well as:

  • the I of article 12 is repealed”, that is to say all the medical and paramedical professions, from nurses to psychologists, including osteopaths, firefighters and anyone working in a health establishment.
  • sections 13 to 19 are repealed”. These are the provisions establishing a control of the vaccination status of the persons covered by the obligation as well as the resulting sanctions, including suspension.

This bill, sent to the social affairs committee, which will have to discuss it before it is submitted to the vote of the chamber, also provides that “the public service agents mentioned in I of article 12 of the aforementioned law n ° 2021-1040 of August 5, 2021 retain the state of progress they had before their suspension“.

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The senators who signed the text finally anticipate that “any loss of revenue resulting for the State from the application of this law shall be compensated, proportionally, by an additional excise tax on tobacco provided for in Chapter IV of Title I of Book III of the Code of taxes on goods and services“.

The Ministry of Health estimates that around 5,000 the number of unvaccinated caregivers who have had to leave their jobs since the fall of 2021.

Discover below, the text of the bill repealing the vaccination obligation.

Bill repealing the vaccination obligation by The Independent on Scribd