A time suspended in March, the vaccination obligation will finally end in Austria, announced the Minister of Health.

It was one of the few countries to have implemented such a measure. Austria announced on Thursday to end the compulsory anti-covid vaccination, in force since last November. Refractory could be fined ranging from 600 to 3,600 euros.

It is in the face of the Omicron mutation which has “changed the rules” that Austrian Health Minister Johannes Rauch decided to make this decision. “The obligation to vaccinate was introduced under different conditions than we have today. In November, when it was introduced, we were dealing with the very Delta variant, which is very contagious, with 60% more hospitalizations, “ he explains. “The health system was in danger of being overloaded.”

Another problem is the social breakdown caused by the vaccination obligation. “Many no longer sat together at the lunch table, no longer went on excursions together, no longer spoke to each other.” Debates on this subject have also led to a “deep fractures”continues Johannes Rauch, who now claims: “We need every millimeter of solidarity and cohesion”.