The housekeeper, who would be illegally employed by the Insoumis couple, formed by Alexis Corbière and Raquel Garrido, would sometimes have been paid 150 euros for a full week of work.

When they have just been elected deputies, the couple BIA trained by Alexis Corbiere and Raquel Garrido already finds himself in the middle of the turmoil.

According to information from Pointthe duo of Insoumis would employ a cleaning lady without residence permitand under conditions contrary to those prescribed by Labor Law.

Unmasked by a police check

According Point, the 36-year-old Algerian employee was reportedly checked by the police in the middle of a Parisian street, accompanied by the daughter of the Insoumis couple. Not being regularized, she would have presented her Algerian passport.

?? FLASH – The 2 deputies of LFI, Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière, have been employing a cleaning lady without a residence permit for 1 year. The couple would have promised him “papers in the event of Jean-Luc’s election #Melenchon to the presidency or if he becomes Prime Minister”. (Le Point)

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An exploited employee?

Heard by the police, the young employee would have described delusional working conditions. She would work day and night as a “housekeeper” at the couple’s home.

However, the young woman revealed messages from Raquel Garrido in which it is written: “Monsieur will give you 150 euros for the weekwe will see the rest later”. At minimum wage, a 35-hour week is paid double.

Moreover, the messages presented show a certain psychological pressure, used against the cleaning lady. We can for example read: “I tell you to stay, you stay, if it doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of people like you who want to work”.

According to the testimony of the employee, the couple of deputies would have made her hope for “papers in the event of the election of Jean-Luc Mélenchon” as President or Prime Minister.

The couple denies

Following a request from the Point, the young deputy Rachel Garrido would have rejected any accusation. She states: “It’s been years since we don’t have a housekeeper. Help was recruited during election campaigns. Each time with people with papers, and of course with the related Urssaf declarations”.

“I tell you to stay, you stay, if it doesn’t suit you, there are plenty in your case who want to work, but you can forget your papers” can we read in a message sent by Raquel Garrido.
The Thénardier left.

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For the moment, the prosecution has not taken up the case.