In the shadows since the start of the affair, an old acquaintance of Cédric Jubillar decided to break the silence after remembering a conversation.

Anecdotal conversation or real evidence? A former acquaintance of Cédric Jubillar decided to confide in La Dépêche du Midi, after remembering a conversation he had had in early 2019 with the plasterer.

It is moreover in this capacity that this witness, who remained anonymous, made his acquaintance. Newly settled in the city center of Albi, he and his partner were looking for a drywaller to work illegally and contacted Cédric Jubillar: “It was done by word of mouth. We were told he was serious and that he was doing a good job”.

INFO THE DISPATCH. Jubillar case: “Cédric asked us how to make a body disappear without leaving a trace”

— La Dépêche du Midi (@ladepechedumidi) June 23, 2022

He regularly goes to work with them, also sympathizes with them, until this evening at the beginning of 2019. “We drank beers and started chatting about everything and nothing. At one point he asked us: how would you make a body disappear without leaving a trace?”.

Everyone then went there with their own hypothesis, “joking” says the witness. Burn the body? Dip it in acid? “We also talked about lacerating the body in the stomach and throwing it in the Tarn for the catfish to take care of it.”

A conversation that came out of the head of this young father, and will come back to him when the “Jubillar affair” breaks out. “I didn’t want it to sink him, or be involved in all that.” He will meet Cédric several times in the city center of Albi.

Their last meeting dates back to the spring of 2021, a few months before Cédric’s incarceration. “He was very serene, not at all disturbed. It may also be his provocative side”, comments on his former acquaintance.