The day after his interviews with the leaders of the representative political parties, Emmanuel Macron will speak this Wednesday at 8 p.m. and should draw the conclusions from the electoral setback that affected his party this Sunday. Here is what he could announce.

Three days after an unprecedented electoral setback for a newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, struggling for a majority in the National Assembly, will address the French this Wednesday at 8 p.m.. An intervention to follow live on L’Indépendant.

This speech comes as, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the President of the Republic consulted all of the country’s political leaders.

Mentioned during his interviews with the communist Fabien Roussel and the RN Marine Le Pen, will Emmanuel Macron announce the establishment ofa government of national unity? Or will he settle for a reshuffle more or less deep a few hours later having confirmed Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister? A dissolution of the National Assembly is it also on the table? Or, more simply, will the president, by way of an outstretched hand, abandon some key measures of his second five-year term, such as the pension reformobject of all the tensions?

“Everything is possible”

So many questions to which the president will answer at 8 p.m. knowing that “everything is possible” according to government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire. The latter admitted not knowing “the content of the speech of the President of the Republic”. “We are working hard to get out of the blockage,” she only added on her arrival at the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The only certainty is that the president will take note of the electoral setback suffered on Sunday during the second round of the legislative elections where he lost his absolute majority. France is now waiting for a strong response to break the deadlock caused by this fractured National Assembly, very different from that of the previous mandate.

France is not immune either to a speech that would not lead to any concrete announcement. If this is the case, the President of the Republic will at least reach out to some of his opposition. From there to open his government to Republicans, Socialists and Greens? In the past, even recently, this openness was practiced individually (Darmanin, Le Drian, Le Maire, Abad, etc.). Will the opening be more official towards parties this time around? Answer at 8 p.m.!

Note that, in form, Emmanuel Macron’s speech will not be an interview but a speech broadcast on presidential social networks but also on all television channels and on most websites including independent. Fr.