Man with 5 per mille – investigations in the homeless scene


In the Düsseldorf homeless scene, a drinking bout with a lot of alcohol seems to have escalated. Photo: Silas Stein/dpa

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In the case of a very heavily intoxicated homeless person, the police are investigating in a different direction than on Thursday, according to witness statements.

In the case of a homeless person (50) found and resuscitated with 5 per thousand, the investigations of the police in the man’s environment.

At first it was assumed that strangers had practically filled the homeless man with a bottle of vodka. According to a police spokesman, it is now assumed that a drinking bout among the homeless has escalated.

The man had apparently already consumed a lot of alcohol. Finally, a few sips are said to have been poured into his mouth by other homeless people. The new picture resulted from witness statements, according to the police.

The man was found in Düsseldorf’s old town a week and a half ago. The condition of the 50-year-old is still critical, according to the police.