Stuck for more than 5 hours under the rubble, a young Afghan woman says: “I did not expect to survive”.

This Wednesday, June 22, the Afghan province of pakita suffered a heavy earthquake of magnitude 6.1. This disaster resulted in the death of at least 1,500 inhabitants, and more than 1,000 others would be injured.

While several Afghans have survived, they are struggling with this traumatic event that caused the death of their loved ones. Among them, Hawaii a 30-year-old young woman agreed to talk about this difficult ordeal.

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The painful story of Hawa

After surviving this sad incident, the young Hawa agreed to tell her story to the New York Times. In tears, she recounted having witnessed the death of her loved ones, under the weight of the debris. The collapse of her home caused the death of 4 of her children, without her being able to react.

Hawa says she was stuck for 5 hours under rubble, thinking: “I didn’t expect to survive.”

Our hearts go out to the people impacted by the earthquake in Afghanistan and their loved ones around the world. 24 million Afghans are already in need of urgent humanitarian aid, and 3.4 million people are internally displaced.

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Currently hospitalized, she recounts the devastating impact of the earthquake: “I lost everything, my whole world, my whole family, I have no hope for the future”. Hawa ends her testimony by saying sadly: “I would have liked to lose everything, that we were all dead”.

Rescue operations over?

Local authorities said rescue operations were nearing completion. From now on, the means are refocusing on the survivorsin order to save the injured and temporarily relocate them.

? “When the roof collapsed on me I thought I had been shot at, my body was burning.”

The toll continues to rise in Afghanistan. Dozens of villages were wiped off the map by a magnitude 5.9 earthquake.

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