Gazprom further cuts delivery through Nord Stream 1

Nord Stream 1 pipeline

The Russian energy giant Gazprom is once again reducing the gas supply volumes to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline. Photo: Stefan Sauer/dpa

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The Russian state-owned company supplies even less gas than initially announced. What’s behind it? On the Russian side, there is talk of delays in repair work.

The Russian energy company Gazprom reduces the maximum gas delivery volumes through the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 to Germany again. From Thursday morning only a maximum of 67 million cubic meters will be pumped through the pipeline every day, Gazprom announced on Wednesday.

Again justified the Russian state company this step with delays in repair work by Siemens. Therefore, another gas compression plant had to be shut down, it said.

Gazprom had already announced on Tuesday that it would reduce the maximum delivery volume to initially up to 100 million cubic meters of gas per day. This corresponds to around 60 percent of the previously planned daily volume of 167 million cubic meters of gas. The Federal Network Agency rejected the information provided by Gazprom, according to which delays in repairs to a gas compressor unit were the reason for the reduced gas delivery quantities be back a little later.

For Germany is North Stream 1 the main supply pipeline with Russian gas. The Yamal-Europe line had previously not been filled. The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, which is well below plan, is also reduced. Energy prices had already increased as a result of the previous restrictions, because overall less gas flows from Russia to Europe. The completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has not yet been put into operation.