At the call of the CGT, the employees of TotalEnergies are invited to strike this Friday.

Not a drop of gasoline for 24 hours. Employees of TotalEnergies, service stations and refineries are called to stop work on June 24.

2.35% increase for employees

While the group has earned a net profit (after tax) of more than 4.6 billion euros in one quarter this year, employees, hit like all French people for inflation, are asking for increases.

The CGT, which launched this call for a strike, concedes that without the dizzying rise in prices recorded in recent months, the wage increase agreement signed at the start of 2022 would have been “satisfactory”. The latter provided for a salary increase for employees paid less than 1,000 euros per month up to 2.35%.

…and 52% for the CEO

Galloping inflation has erased these wage gains. Enough to fuel the discontent, especially since the group’s profits are poorly shared, explains Thierry Defresne, CGT secretary of the TotalEnergies SE European works council on french news.

“We arrive at a total of 10 billion dollars which have been paid to shareholders for the year 2021. So we think that there is indeed an imbalance. And in addition, faced with the 2.35% which has been given to employees at the start of the year, if we compare to the 52% increase for the CEO, we think that in this story and in the face of the historical record of TotalÉnergies, employees are the big forgotten ones”he says.