Aircraft noise: Locals increasingly annoyed

air traffic

An airplane is about to land. Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa/Symbolbild

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It was clear that it would not be fun for the region: the G7 summit is coming to Werdenfelser Land again, and with it a massive security presence. Aircraft noise, fences – the police are asking for understanding. However, there is dissatisfaction among local residents.

To the people in the room Garmisch-Partenkirchen there will be further burdens in connection with the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau in the next few days. From Thursday onwards, the police helicopter squadrons will be preparing for the meeting of the heads of state and government of the seven leading democratic economic powers, according to the police press office at the summit. It is also about an airspace protection exercise. The officials asked the population for understanding of the flights and the associated background noise.

However, some in Garmisch-Partenkirchen are increasingly annoyed by the large-scale operation on their doorstep. “Shit G7, thanks for nothing,” reads the shop window. The place is full of police, numerous parking spaces outside and near bathing lakes are blocked. Residents say they no longer know where to park. There are also some police cars at the cemetery, but there are still funerals. Helicopters have been circling the region for some time.

A barrier in the Kurpark also caused displeasure among the people of Garmisch. There is a lack of understanding about a kind of barbed wire protection at the parking lot of the congress center, where the Federal Police is billeted. It’s about self-protection, said a spokesman for the federal police. We want as little disruption to the public as possible. “It doesn’t make such a comfortable impression,” says Michaela Nelhiebel, Chairwoman of the Garmisch Center Advertising Association. When the police protect themselves in this way, some wonder whether it will really remain peaceful.

On Wednesday night there were arson attacks on eight team buses and police equipment in Munich.

The head of the police G7 planning team, Manfred Hauser, campaigned for support for the measures. “You will also experience impairments here in the next few days aircraft noise“, said the President of the Police Headquarters Oberbayern Süd, also in view of the upcoming exercise. “It is essential to test our security concepts.”

The world situation has changed since the last summit at Schloss Elmau in 2015. “Our host countries, who are here on Elmau, expect the highest safety standards from us,” said Hauser. “It’s war in Europe, we didn’t have that in 2015.” He thanked the population “very much”. “It will pass again.” Of the G7 summit begins on Sunday and ends on Tuesday.