Critics of the reconstruction of the garrison church have already used the term “bankrupt foundation” several times. Internal correspondence between the Garrison Church Foundation and the federal government how precarious the financial situation really wasuntil this week the News of new funding millions from the tax pot made me sit up and take notice.

The documents impressively show how the foundation, as the client, was literally begging for fresh money, while federal employees kept having new inquiries about additional costs and donation forecasts that did not come true. In this respect, it needs to be explained that, despite all the doubts and the fierce criticism of the Federal Court of Auditors from the beginning of the year, additional taxpayers’ money in the millions is now being handed out.

In order to counter the even greater loss of trust in the foundation, it must now finally revise its concepts and show how it intends to put the operation of the tower on a secure footing. And it must involve the public much more than before in the concrete design of this “project of national importance” – after all, only public taxpayers’ money can save the building of the Potsdam Tower.