A few days ago, 42 motorists of the department of Nievre had an unfortunate experience at the gas station. After refueling as they are used to, the Nivernais saw their vehicle expire after just a few kilometers. If they had all served themselves at the right pump, none circulated with the good fuel.

A fatal mistake

It was actually the gas station employee who made the mistake of filling outessence, a diesel tank. This error was fatal for the 42 vehicles, which all broke down.

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The company’s mea culpa

For several days, the Avia service station took care of identifying all the vehicles concerned. As indicated The Journal of the Centerthe company said that “all customers will be reimbursed a full tank in the form of a voucher even if they only put in 10 € of fuel”.

Avia is also committed to repair the damage generated on the vehicles, indicating that: “Repairs will also be covered.” The company assesses the cost of the incident at €30,000.