After the slap received by his team (85-68) one victory away from winning their first French championship title, Wednesday evening in the Principality, Monaco coach Sasa Obradovic admitted that he really did not understand how his team had could have collapsed at this point.

Once again, the scenario had everything perfect for Monaco. At least on paper. After its victory in match 3 on Monday, the Roca Team, still in search of its first title of champion of France, offered itself a match point against ASVEL, all in the Principality during the match 4. Once again, however, the Monegasques missed the opportunity. Worse still: two days after having tamed the outgoing double winners at the end of a most serious match which could certainly have escaped them, in the last moments, Mike James and his family took a terrible slap (85- 68) in front of their audience. Result: if they finally want to lift the trophy, it is now on the floor of the Astroballe that the players of the Rock will have to achieve what would be a real feat, during the decisive match 5. Even turning the problem around, Sasa Obradovic, the coach of Monaco, interviewed on his club’s website, could not find the answer to the question.

Ouattara: “We did not honor our supporters”

” I really do not understand. We showed two totally different faces in the space of two games. We have a plan and we talk together. We can make mistakes, but tonight (Wednesday evening), we clearly lacked cohesion. Our game plan was clear, and the players completely missed it, ”lamented the Serbian technician, aware that in order to have the last word, his team will have to quickly forget Wednesday’s slap in the Gaston-Médecin room and rectify the situation, especially on the defensive level. “To win big games like that, you have to be focused on defense first and foremost. We have to prepare for this last meeting by asking ourselves what makes it possible for us all to win together. Monaco owes it to its supporters. These same fans to whom the Roca Team did “not honor by producing a basketball like that”said a very frustrated Yakuba Ouattara on Wednesday.