France aims to fill its gas reserves to 100% by the end of the summer to cope with the tensions expected during next winter and it intends in the longer term to equip itself with a large terminal. floating LNG carrier in Le Havre in order to reduce its dependence on gas from Russia, Elisabeth Borne announced on Thursday.

“We aim to be close to 100% at the beginning of autumn, before the start of the winter season.“, declared the Prime Minister to the press.

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While Russia, subject to Western sanctions because of the war in Ukraine, limits its gas deliveries to European Union countries, the French government also intends to publish “in the next few days” a decree extending the tariff shield” son energy prices until the end of the year.

Traveling to a national gas control center in Ile-de-France, Elisabeth Borne stressed that this tariff shield was intended to protect households from any rise in electricity and gas prices despite the surge in prices amplified by the conflict in Ukraine.

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Reserves 60% filled

Gas reserves are currently about 60% full in France. In the longer term, France will have a new floating LNG terminal in Le Havre in 2023 to reduce dependence on gas pipelines from Eastern Europe.

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This terminal will store liquefied natural gas transported by ship before injecting it into the network, once regasified.

“We are going to launch a new LNG terminal to increase our capacity to supply ourselves with gas that is not dependent on Russia”said Elisabeth Borne.