Case of Kalletal
Man killed with ax – manhunt continues

Kalletal ax murderer wanted

In the search for a 36-year-old man in the Lippe district, the police pulled together strong forces in Kalletal. Photo: Christian Müller/dpa

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Presumably out of jealousy, the wanted man is said to have brutally murdered a man. However, tips from witnesses have not yet put the police on a hot track.

In the case of a 39-year-old killed with an ax in Kalletal in the Lippe district, the police are still looking for the suspect.

On Tuesday, the investigators had found clues about the fugitive who had a similar stature to the person they were looking for, the police and prosecutors said on Wednesday. During the check, it turned out that it was not the 36-year-old who has probably been fleeing on foot since Saturday.

According to the statement, the investigators have indications that he has changed his clothes in the meantime. He could be wearing gray pants with a white drawstring and a blue T-shirt with the words “Core” and “Explorer” on it. The police suspect that the fugitive is trying to contact Eastern European truck drivers to continue his escape. An international arrest warrant is being sought for the man from Azerbaijan.

The 36-year-old is said to have killed the victim with an ax out of jealousy last Saturday night. The 39-year-old died immediately, according to prosecutors. The police are asking for information about the man on the run, but warn against speaking to him.

According to consistent media reports, the alleged perpetrator and the victim are said to have met through the refugee aid for people from Ukraine.