“Running Up That Hill”
New fame (and millions) thanks to “Stranger Things”: The discreet life of Kate Bush

Kate Bush

Kate Bush performing in the 1980s

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Kate Bush’s cash registers have been ringing for weeks thanks to the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. The reason is her world hit “Running Up That Hill”, which plays a role in it. Now Bush himself has commented on it.

Occupied in Germany Kate Bush’s world hit “Running Up That Hill” is currently fourth in the charts, and has even been at the top in other countries for weeks. Thanks to the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, the 1980s song gained popularity again – and flushed a lot of money into Kate Bush’s pockets.

The Brit is said to be receiving more than $200,000 in license fees a week these days. And there are streaming– and radio income not yet included.

Kate Bush: Another world success for “Running Up That Hill”

“I’m blown away by the level of love and support the song is receiving.” It happens “very quickly, as if it were being driven by some kind of elemental force,” Bush writes on her website, thanking the “StrangerThings“-Creators for embedding their song in the plot of the series.

Bush not only wrote “Running Up That Hill” but also produced it herself, so all royalties go to her. Your daily life may not change the newly earned millions. Because Bush has always lived in seclusion, avoiding the red carpets of the world kent born singer.

Singer avoids the public

Her last public appearance was at a concert in London in 2014, where she was joined by her son Albert, nicknamed “Bertie”. She has been married to guitarist Dan McIntosh since the late 1990s, but the exact date of their marriage is unknown. Not only Bush is reticent about the press, but so is her husband. And so the two even decided to keep the birth of their son a secret. It was singer Peter Gabriel who revealed in the early 2000s that his colleague even had a child.

Her son Bertie was one of the reasons Kate Bush chose a life away from the limelight. She wanted to focus on her role as a mother, the singer once said. And she didn’t like how she was portrayed as a musician in public. “I worked very hard and tried to be an artist,” she once told the music magazine “mojo“. “Somehow I just wasn’t seen for who I was. I was mistranslated. It was very frustrating,” she explained. A year off turned into 12 before releasing her album Aerial in 2005.

Mansion in Oxfordshire

Today, Bush lives in seclusion in Oxfordshire, England, in a £6.4 million mansion, according to the Daily Mail. However, she resolutely rejected reports that Bush lived like a “recluse”. “Radio France” she said in 2005: “I’m just trying to be a normal person instead of living the life of someone from the industry.” It would have been easier for her to live the celebrity life, with all the glamour, rather than work quietly and by herself, she said in the same interview.

Her neighbors in quiet Oxfordshire respect Kate Bush’s desire for discretion, the Daily Mail has now discovered. “We talk about the garden, the weather and other normal things. She never talks about her work and I never ask her about it,” Bush’s mailman told the newspaper. But he still got an autograph from her, he admitted.

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