An investigation into the fight against doping has caused a stir in the world of tennis, two players rising to the niche to denounce shortcuts. One of the two authors defended himself by evoking the practices of Lance Armstrong.

Anger rumbles on the circuit. Consequence of an investigation published in the Daily Mail in which the two authors explain that the players were able to schedule certain anti-doping controls, in particular during the Miami tournament. Allegations that made Andrea Petkovic and Madison Keys jump.

Don’t spread bullshit

“This article is dangerously misrepresented. The ‘doping test’ that we were able to ‘schedule’ in Miami was a collection of the Blood Passport, a blood sample that athletes donate each year so that actual unscheduled doping tests could be compared to this sample and searched for anomalies “, thus wrote the German player. And the story was the same with the American. “They use the ‘reserved’ blood passport samples as a baseline to test future samples,” she says. I was woken up at 6:30 am three days before for an unannounced doping control. Don’t spread bullshit”she posted on Twitter.

EPO or blood transfusion

These protests prompted Edmund Willison, one of the two authors of the investigation, to react, the English journalist delivering a long demonstration. “The biological passport is a tool used to detect doping by monitoring variations in an athlete’s blood values ​​to determine if these variations are unnatural and if they are a consequence of blood doping, he explained. There are two main ways to dope: injection of EPO or blood transfusion. When an athlete injects EPO, the drug causes the body to produce more new red blood cells, which increases the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and increases the athlete’s endurance. These new red blood cells are called reticulocytes. As a result, an athlete’s reticulocyte count increases when he injects EPO. Conversely, when an athlete undergoes a blood transfusion, their reticulocyte count may decrease. »

Armstrong, the coup de grace

And Edmund Willison wasn’t done. The English journalist then summoned the memory of Lance Armstrong, one of the symbols of doping. “Lance Armstrong’s teammates testified that they submitted to saline infusions to normalize their hemoglobin levels when they knew they were going to have a blood test…”he thus added, adding to finish that this way of doing things had been promoted by the Spanish doctor Luis Garcia del Moral, who has his entrances in tennis…

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