This Tuesday, during a meeting of the political committee of Reconquest!, the former presidential candidate had very harsh words for a part of the French.

“The popular classes are illiterate.” According the expresswhich reports these remarks, Éric Zemmour apparently does not digest his electoral defeats, including the most scathing in the last legislative elections and would have attacked some of the voters on Tuesday during a meeting of the political committee of his young party Reconquest! .

Badly beaten in the first round in the Var, the far-right polemicist will not sit on the benches of the Bourbon palace. Nor any other candidate of his party.

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A defeat all the more bitter as the competing party, the National Rally, the target of numerous “Zemmourian” attacks during the presidential campaign, has, for its part, garnered a historic success. The RN sends 89 deputies to the National Assembly.

The former journalist from Le Figaro therefore attributes his defeats at the ballot box to the working classes who do not have the intellectual level required to understand his message and see their fundamental interest: to vote Zemmour, of course.

A beautiful vision of democracy…