Marina Heredia gave a concert on Wednesday night at the Palace of Carlos Quinto. The show is named after ArtSonao and showed the weight of the woman in the environment of the first Cante Jondo Contest of 1922, which claims the zambra of her predecessors and that gives free rein to the musical fantasy of this cantaora. In that event held in the Plaza de los Aljibes on June 13 and 14, 1922, women such as María La Gazpacha, La Niña de Salinas, La Goyita or Conchita Sierra had great importance.

The repertoire of the concert included the fandangos of the Albaicin, the tangos of Sacromonte and the songs of the zambra. Also present were the dark love sonnets and the black penalty of Lorca and the Wildfire and the miller dance by Manuel de Falla, together with the compositions unpublished who brought the show.

Marina was accompanied by six female voices from the most high rank flemish, those of Marián Fernández, Anabel Rivera, Aroa Fernández, Estrella Fernández, Fita Heredia and Macarena Fernández. Paquito González was in charge of percussion and Pablo Suárez was on piano. In addition, the show featured Jaime ‘El Parrón’ and Curro Albaicín, two veterans of flamenco art. In addition, the soundtrack by José Quevedo served as the harmonic foundation on which the weight of the show rested.