Potsdam – Use your smartphone to order a bus home for the last few meters from the tram stop: people in the city can do that Bornstedt Field test in the coming week – via the mobility app “juu” and with the “juu-Limo”, a minibus that drives on demand.

The project will run from Monday (June 27) to Wednesday (June 29) from 3 p.m. to 6.30 p.m Potsdamer Verkehrsbetrieb ViP and the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. “This is about the exemplary development of the so-called ‘last mile’,” says a joint statement. The new bus service is being tested in order to be able to bring the residents of the north of Potsdam home from the last tram stop at any time.

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Participation is free. The contact point is Johann-Bouman-Platz. Interested parties can test the app there on the devices provided and take a ride with the “juu-Limo”. Up to four passengers fit on the bus. On-site surveys are also carried out by the project team in order to find out more about the personal needs of the people.

The test is carried out as part of the MaaS LABS project and in cooperation with the app developer highQ and the German Aerospace Center.