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After earthquake: India sends team to Kabul embassy

Earthquake in Afghanistan

A villager searches for his belongings in the rubble of his house in Khost. Photo: Uncredited/AP/dpa

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An earthquake shook people along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan early Wednesday morning. Hundreds of residents are killed. India is now also providing humanitarian aid.

After the devastating earthquake in Afghanistan, India sent a technical team to its embassy in the capital, Kabul. The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday evening that it should monitor the delivery of humanitarian aid and coordinate it with various actors.

This is the first time India has had a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan since the Taliban took power last August.

The Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomed the decision: “The return of Indian diplomats to Afghanistan and the reopening of the embassy show that the country is safe and that all political and diplomatic rights are respected.” The ministry also called on other countries to reopen their embassies.

Foreign Ministry does not recognize Taliban government

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi emphasized in its statement the historical ties with the Afghan people and at the same time did not mention any recognition of the Taliban government. India has had good relations with Afghanistan for a long time, and around three billion dollars have been invested in development aid projects over the past 20 years.

Positioning itself on the Taliban government is not easy for India – partly because the Taliban are also active in the hostile neighboring country of Pakistan. An Indian team in Kabul recently held talks on humanitarian aid with Taliban representatives.

According to official information, at least 1,000 people died in the severe earthquake on Wednesday morning, and around 1,500 other residents were injured in the border region with Pakistan. The authorities fear that the number of victims will continue to rise.