In eight days, Neymar’s Parisian contract will be automatically extended by one year to run until 2027. A reality that contrasts with the comments freshly made by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi.

I am proud to see Neymar Jr reaffirm today his long-term commitment to the Paris-Saint-Germain family, whose fans he will continue to delight. We are very happy to see him continue to be part of our project and to be by our side for many more years. So spoke Nasser Al-Khelaïfi on May 8, 2021, delighted to see the Brazilian then register for the long term with the capital club.

A little over a year later, change of tone and speech. When Marca asks the president of the PSG if he counts on Neymar in his new project, the Qatari responds: “ We cannot talk about these issues in the media, some will come and some will go, but these are private negotiations. “And to hammer even harder, without naming a name, with the Parisian:” I expect all players to do a lot more than last season. Much more ! […] We have to become humble again. You have to change to avoid injuries, suspensions and fouls that turn a game upside down. We stop saying that we want to win this and this and this. We are building. You have to discipline yourself, on and off the pitch… Anyone who wants to stay comfortable, who doesn’t want to fight, will stay on the sidelines! »

“He does not intend to leave the capital”

Words that are clear and precise enough for some to feel targeted. To such an extent that Neymar’s entourage judges them ” very severe with L’Equipe. ” Neymar is motivated by the Parisian project and wants to contribute to it. He does not intend to leave the capital “, Claims this Wednesday one of his relatives with the sports daily. A publication which today reports a funny coincidence: the imminent automatic extension of a player who has nevertheless become undesirable in Paris.

On July 1, Neymar Jr will be linked with Paris-Saint-Germain until… June 30, 2027, i.e. another five seasons. A new optional year will automatically fall and will de facto lengthen his lease in the capital. When PSG extended it in the spring of 2021 for three seasons (until 2025), there were also two optional years which were activated at 1er July 2021 for the first, and the 1er July 2022 for the second, i.e. in less than ten daysdetails The Team. A reinforced concrete contract which draws the profile of a player on whom we count for a long time and who is part of the club’s project. »

So here is the PSG in a dead end, forced to compose for a long time with a talented element certainly but judged as a dilettante in his professional involvement. If he has scored 100 goals and delivered 60 assists since 2017 and in his 144 matches played in the red and blue jersey, Neymar drags like a ball his image of an inveterate party animal coupled with a night owl geek. Contractually shielded in Paris, the Auriverde could be in demand in the market of course but – if not a vague interest from the new rich Newcastle – it is not. There remains a solution therefore to get rid of him: pay him his five years’ salary without any compensation; that is more than 150 million euros. A totally unreasonable outcome…

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