The Head of State reacted for the first time since the result of the legislative elections.

Emmanuel Macron took note on Wednesday of the sanction vote of the legislative elections against his majority and hoped that France would collectively learn to “govern and legislate differently”while calling on opposition parties to “say how far they are willing to go” to build compromises.

A government of national unity “not justified to date”

The President of the Republic, who was speaking for the first time since the second round of legislative elections on Sunday, which deprived the presidential camp of an absolute majority in the National Assembly, however ruled out the hypothesis of a government of national unity, “not justified to date”. “The responsibility (of the presidential majority) is to expand, by building a coalition contract, or by seeking majorities text by text”, said the head of state during a televised address.

“We must collectively learn to govern and legislate differently, build with the political formations constituting the new Assembly new compromises in dialogue, listening and respect”did he declare. “This is what you wanted and I take note of it“, he added, saying that he could not “ignoring the fractures and deep divisions that run through” France. “I believe that it is possible, in the crucial moment that we live in, to find a larger and clearer majority to act”said Emmanuel Macron. “It will be necessary to build (…) compromises, enrichments, amendments, but to do so in complete transparency in the open air (…) in a desire for union and action for the nation which concerns all the forces policies (…)”continued the President of the Republic.

Ultimatum to opposition

“For this, it will be necessary to clarify in the coming days the share of responsibility and cooperation that the different formations of the National Assembly are ready to take”, said Emmanuel Macron. “Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday, I will represent you at the European Council. We will examine in particular the decisive question of Ukraine’s application for membership of our European Union and the geopolitical context. As soon as I return, in the light from the first choices of the first expressions of the political groups of our National Assembly, we will begin to build this method and this new configuration”added the head of state.

Emergency measures

Emmanuel Macron, however, reaffirmed his desire to “never lose the coherence of the project that [les Français] chose last April”, upon his re-election to the presidency. A “independence project”, “in a stronger Europe”, a project of “social and ecological progress”, but also a project “credible and funded“, he said, repeating his wish to put in place emergency measures for purchasing power from the summer.

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