This Thursday evening, at the world swimming championships, the French men’s team, with Léon Marchand, finished seventh in the final of the 4×200 meter freestyle relay.

The step was ultimately much too high. This Thursday, near Budapest in Hungary, at the world swimming championships, the French men’s team, part of the number one water line, took seventh place in the 4×200 meter freestyle relay, despite the presence, unlike the morning series, by Léon Marchand, double world champion this week. First to launch these sixteen lengths, Jordan Pothain, for his last Worlds, seemed to leave quickly and France seemed to be in the game, insofar as the gaps were not necessarily made. After 100 meters, France was then already seventh, but still on time, for Jordan Pothain, who finally set a time of 1:48.41 before passing the baton. A relay taken by Léon Marchand.

Fuchs avoided last place

Accustomed to performing a slower first part of the race, compared to the second, it was nevertheless complicated for the swimmer, as for all of his compatriots, finally detached from the other competitors. Despite his effort, Marchand posted a time of 1:45.05 launched. Roman Fuchs, third torchbearer while France was eighth and last, allowed his team to pick up a bit, then overtaking China and then trying to come back to Hungary, thanks to a time of 1:46.27 launched. Finally, the last torchbearer, Hadrien Salvan obviously could not work miracles, for Blues finally seventh, in a race won by the United States. At the microphone of France Televisions, Fuchs was the first to react: “I think it was a bit of a complicated race, given that we were on the outside. Afterwards, the people next to us weren’t so bad. This allowed us to hold on a bit in the race. I think we could hang a little better, so it’s a bit of a shame. »