A time interested in the takeover of OM, Mourad Boudjellal admitted that the project carried out by his ex-partner, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, was completely bogus.

Frank McCourt was right to be wary… While the rumors surrounding a potential takeover of theOlympic Marseille continue to circulate – well fueled by journalist Thibaud Vézirian who continues to assert that the Marseille team has already been sold to a Saudi investment fund – these began to flourish two years ago now , with the project led by Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, who had decided to join forces with a certain Mourad Boudjellal.

A wobbly takeover project which did not thrill the American owner of OM, Frank McCourt. And very fortunately… The former president of the RCT revealed this Thursday in the columns of Var Morning the sinister intentions of the Franco-Tunisian businessman. And admits to having himself been rolled in the flour.

“He wanted to recover and sell the club”

“Ajroudi was a grazer. He fooled me a bit. I should have been a little more suspicious. It’s my fault. I was fooled, that’s it, he confided. The truth is that Ajroudi wanted to buy OM by using me to go back and forth. He thought I was going to facilitate the sale, but he didn’t want to put up the money. He wanted to recover and sell the club by making a big margin, he was only there for that. It was supposed to last twenty-four hours. Ultimately, he had sold before buying it back…”

“I even want to apologize to McCourt”

Embarrassed, Mourad Boudjellal even wishes to apologize to Frank McCourt. “I even want to apologize to McCourt, because I didn’t have all the elements, he added. If that were to happen one day, I would apologize. I didn’t know all that. I had a few months where I was a bit lost, it’s true. It’s like when I stopped the Soleil editions, I was a little lost. I had to rebuild myself a bit… This story happened so I jumped on it, but I shouldn’t have. Longoria’s work is magnificent, there is nothing to say. I wouldn’t have done that (laughs). »

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