An activity on the surface of the Sun has been of particular interest to astronomers for several days. Should we be worried about it?

In their daily observation of different parts of the Sun, astronomers have identified a sunspot with unexpected behavior. Oriented towards the Earth, this sunspot, which responds to the sweet name of AR3038, grows a little more every day.

In a few days, it would have already reached a size greater than 2.5 times that of the Earth. Even better, it doubled in size in just three days.

The particularity of AR3038 is that it is oriented towards the earth that its size continues to increase. Until when? This is indeed the main uncertainty.

Solar storms or intense projections?

Dark points on the surface of the Sun, these sunspots indicate “colder” areas but do not inspire great concern. In the worst case, they could generate very sensitive electromagnetic disturbances. Sometimes these sunspots disappear on their own, but they are also the cause of solar flares or even intense projections of light and radiation.

According to the website Koriithese projections could cause catastrophic disturbances if they were to tickle the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth as in 1989, when 6 million people were deprived of electricity in Quebec during a particularly strong episode.

To date, if AR3038 were to cause a solar storm, it would not be, according to specialists, of high intensity and would have no consequences on satellites or terrestrial electrical installations.

But if the task continues to grow, the probability of an intense episode would no longer be excluded without generating, however, a major solar eruption.