Police operation
After rampage at vocational college: suspect arrested

blue light

A blue light shines on the roof of a police car. Photo: David Inderlied/dpa/Symbolbild

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On the last day of school before the summer holidays, a teacher in Bielefeld suddenly heard shots in the school building. The police prepare for an amok rampage – but in the end the operation ends unscathed.

After shots at a vocational college in Bielefeld, the police arrested a suspect, there were no injuries. A police spokesman said on Friday that after the first indications of the shots being fired in the school building, it had to be assumed that there was a rampage. But the situation was quickly under control. There are no indications of accomplices.

A teacher I alerted the police around noon and reported gunshots in the building. Although the building was largely empty on the last day of school before the holidays, the police arrived in large numbers, and special forces were added. The suspect fled to a roof and was arrested there by the SEK, said the police spokesman.

He had several guns with him. It was initially unclear whether these were real or alarm guns. The police initially gave no information about the suspect and his possible motives.