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four months ago today Russia began his war of aggression against Ukraine. Breaking news early in the morning reported Russian ground forces marching in, Luftwaffe shelling. war in Europe. Of the moment of this turning point, he will be remembered for a long time. But while we in peace in our everyday life can pursue, children go to school, adults work, has become for the people of Ukraine everything changed. Many fled from bombs and death.

A place of supposed safety is in the country Lviv, a city in western Ukraine. There is PNN author Marco Zschieck traveled now. On Monday he has it maternity clinic visited in Lviv, shortly afterwards a hospital where war wounded, civilians and soldiers, are treated. Both hospitals are among those who humanitarian aid from Potsdam have received. Around 70 tons of medicines, medical material and technology worth around 500,000 euros four transports brought to Ukraine – largely organized by Children’s Hospital Chief Physician Thomas Erler and chief pathologist Sergey Gichka from Kyiv.

Marco Zschick has seen how urgently the help is needed there Research in Lviv experienced up close. His poignant report on the Babies of Lvivwhich often way too early come into the world because the war takes their mothers so badly, read here. I highly recommend it to you.

Luckily there is too good news: hundreds Pupils in Potsdam and the surrounding area successfully have theirs Baccalaureate exams filed. Their names read up today three special pages in the printed PNN – available everywhere it is newspapers are. And of course digital here too.

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