Sachets of salad are the subject of a recall after the discovery of an insecticide. This is the model “Blonde oak leaf 125g” marketed by the Casino brand between June 16 and 20, 2022. The lots concerned are lots BI55, BD55, BE55, BF55, BG55.

Drink reminder justifies this recall by the “phytosanitary non-compliance” of the product due in particular to an insecticide, chlorpyrifos. This one is a unauthorized phytosanitary productas highlighted by Rappel Conso.

The what to do for the consumer is the following. He must not consume the salad bags, contact and return the product to the point of sale as well as contact consumer service at 0800133016. Buyers can be reimbursed. The end of the recall procedure is set for July 5.

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