The former chambermaid has been the focus of all attention since her election on Sunday. For her past, but not only: she was criticized for old posts shared several years ago on her social networks.

Since her election Rachel Kéké has been the target of Internet users for publications made on social networks several years ago. Support for Bashar Al-Assad, for Marine Le Pen, video claiming that he “there is no more racist than an Algerian”… compromising content that is supposed to be the opposite of his current political commitment.

We learn more every minute about some new MPs. There, forgive me but my arms are falling.

— Nathalie Loiseau (@NathalieLoiseau) June 20, 2022

Deputy Nupes decided to respond to these “attacks aimed at destabilizing me and discrediting me” and to assume this digital past in a Facebook publication.

“A few years ago, I reshared posts on Facebook that absolutely do not reflect who I am and what I stand for today in my political fight” she acknowledges. “I learned a lot from my union involvement and the struggle at Ibis Batignolles”

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“I have learned a lot from my union involvement and the struggle at Ibis Batignolles. I affirm it: as an elected member of France Insoumise and NUPES, I fully share the fights and the values ​​of these organizations. who made up this beautiful union of the left”, continues Rachel Kéké who affirms that “there is no possible ground of agreement with the far right”.