After a two-year absence due to the health crisis, the Catalan Workers’ Day, organized by the Communist Party, is making a comeback in Argelès-sur-Mer. Two days of festivities and political reflection on July 1 and 2, 2022.

On the programming side, there will be something for everyone. “We want to be a family gathering, which pleases everyone“, underline the organizers. Friday 1er July, music lovers will be able to find Mouss and Hakim, from the group Zebda, as well as Jahneration, a reggae duo that promises to provide a show embellished with hip-hop and Californian rock influence. The next day, Cumbia Chicharra, a group from Marseille, will offer songs with very eclectic inspirations (Caribbean, Afro-American, oriental dub, rock, electro), followed by the Irish group The Stars from the Commitments, composed of nine members who will rock the Bocal du Tech with a soulful vibe. These headliners will share the party with local groups who will offer different types of music to delight as many people as possible.

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A festive and highly political moment

Apart from these musical times, reflection will also be at the rendezvous with times of debate. A strong point of this event therefore, “especially since we are the first cultural and political event since the legislative elections“, underlines Dominique Poirot. Among the topics discussed, the question of education will be raised on Friday at 6 p.m. On Saturday, agriculture and food will be questioned from 2:30 p.m. Finally, at 6:30 p.m. , Guillaume Roubaud-Qashie, national leader of the PCF and spokesperson for Fabien Roussel during the presidential election, will be present to question the future of the left in France.In addition, literary culture will also be honored with the setting in place of a “bookshop” where authors will come to sign their works.Among them, Serge Regourd president of the Culture and audiovisual commission of the Region, will hold a discussion on the place of culture, Saturday at 5 p.m.

The focus is on safety

The organizers say they have worked hard to welcome the public as well as possible. “Some equipment was missingsays Dominique Poirot, secretary of the Agly Communist Party section, in particular on the number of sanitary facilities, which we have doubled, we have also leveled the ground, redone certain water and electricity installations, etc. It was essential work.“In addition, great care will be taken when parking vehicles.”We have learned that very strict controls will be carried out around the Festivalexplains Marie-Françoise Sanchez, departmental manager of the PCF. We therefore invite people to carpool to come, or to be dropped off. But it will absolutely avoid parking along the D81.“Another worry, the blood alcohol level and the recent phenomenon of sting in festival.We will be very vigilant in order to avoid any problem related to alcohol… but the development of injections worries us, so we will strengthen our security on the site, and awareness and prevention displays will be installed at all the stands.“concludes Dominique Poirot.

Pre-sale prices: 2-day pass €25; at the entrance 20€ / evening or 35€ for 2 days. Information and reservations on or on