A violent brush fire started from a field near the Sorède cemetery has already covered 1.5 hectares. The emergency services have deployed significant resources.

Declared at 2:20 p.m. this Thursday afternoon, June 23, behind the Sorède cemetery not far from departmental road 2, a fire quickly spread to the natural areas connecting the town to the first housing estates of Laroque-des-Albères.

Very quickly alerted, the firefighters immediately dispatched to the scene about sixty men equipped with two forest fire intervention groups as well as a group for the protection of homes, some of which had been threatened and made safe for a time. .

Around 3 p.m., the firefighters were optimistic, the hearth being then squared. At this time, no injuries and no evacuations were to be deplored.

But the fire had already burned 1.5 hectares of vegetation.

More information to come.