As every year, the regional health agency publishes the results of analyzes of aquatic environments open to the public. Good news in the Pyrénées-Orientales, all the lights are green to be able to cool off without fear of health risks.

This Thursday, June 23, the Regional Health Agency of Occitanie released its report on the quality of bathing water welcoming the public in the region. To assess the latter, samples are taken several times a year from the various sites, and bacteriological analyzes are then carried out. An average over the last four years is then carried out in order to define the degree of water quality according to bacteriological presence standards.

Of the 17,034 samples taken in some 5,041 swimming pools and basins in Occitanie, only 1,200 re-checks were organised, most often due to non-compliance of physico-chemical parameters (related to the maintenance of these basins) , but none of these tests were followed by closure of establishments. In addition to the ARS checks, the managers of these establishments are required to carry out self-monitoring which involves daily checks of the water quality in their pools.

No health risk for swimming in a natural environment

As for natural bathing areas, whether at sea or in fresh water, the Occitanie region is also very safe. In the Pyrénées-Orientales more specifically, of the 51 sea bathing sites that were tested, fifty revealed a water quality considered “Excellent” by the ARS, the last presenting a “Good” water quality. water. As for the freshwater bathing sectors, there are 7 of them. Among these, four sites appear to have an “Excellent” quality, two others attest to a “Good” quality, and the last shows evidence of “Sufficient” quality. “So no reason to worryexplains the departmental director of the ARS, Guillaume Dubois. If there were the slightest health risk, these places would be prohibited for swimming anyway… But if the water quality is good, you have to remain vigilant to strong swells and not put yourself in danger.

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